About Us

Hello.  Welcome to PassiveJourney.com. Thanks for stopping by.  We hope that you have found all the amazing blogs here helpful.

Why We Created this Website

We enjoy reading about passive income.  Passive income allows a lot of freedom in life.  If your passive income is greater than your expenses, then you do not have to work.  You choose to work.  You can travel, write, take care of your family without the worry of a paycheck.

With this in mind, we have found a ton of blogs with real life people telling us about their journey to become financially independent.  Some people are almost complete with achieving this goal, while others are just getting starting.


We made our first post on 1/3/17.    Through this time, we have found a lot of awesome passive income blogs and many have been submitted to us.  While we are still new, we are working on making this website a great resource to finding and reading related blogs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find as many passive income blogs and add them to our list.

Why Should you use our Site?

There can be many reasons this website will be helpful to you.  Do you just enjoy reading passive income blogs?  Great, we have them.  Do you need to find other blogs to write comments on?  Most bloggers like getting comments on their site.  We are a great place to find new post to post your relevant comments on.